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How to become a professional photographer.......(2)

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Lets talk about juxtaposition in composition, it is about the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect,….or actually, what is juxtaposition in visual art doing to us ! Is juxtaposition is just Simply meaning putting things side-by-side, is done with the intention of bringing out a specific quality, particularly when two contrasting or opposing elements are used, and they are merely just for the comparison.

I think juxtaposition is to create an effect, elicit response within the audience's mind, create different kinds of characters in proximity to one another, of intention to evoke some kind of meaning.

Various forms of juxtaposition occur in visual art ,especially in photography, two images of different shapes, colors and dimensions are commonly brought together appearing side by side or structurally close together, thereby forcing the reader to stop and reconsider the meaning of the image through the contrasting contents, its ideas, and its motif.

One of the master photographer who using this context to the maximization…..i think it has to be French born Gilles Peress, the photos are selected from his book, Telex Iran: In the Name of Revolution,1979.

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