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How to become a professional photographer.....(3)

In the composition of any visual art, I guess other than gray tone, colors definitely is one of the powerful element in this context….

Well,how to make use of colors,other than to say the compatible colors….counter

In photography, we use spectrum colors extensively instead of pigmentation colors….as these two colors vary in its nature…spectrum colors are associated with the wavelength of the light that is reflected from object, and when all the visible colors adds up…it will be white.

While printed color or pigmentation colors, when all the dye colors add up it will be Black.

So,in photography, the spectrum colors more affluent our camera’s color temperature, while the natural colors in our environment has more consequence in producing stunning visual in our final print.

Of course, some photographer loves to manipulate and cleverly use of colors temperature to produce thematic result such as early morning or late evening, the so call “magic hour” especially in Landscape photography, those vivid progressive change of colors are immaculate pure and unadulterated.

What about if we forget the early morning wake up, bracing the cold wind and stand in the no mans land just to wait for that right moment. Just use colors to produce your stunning images then…..

American photographer David Lachapelle surely the master in manipulate your perception of COLORS…..

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