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Minchephoto photography

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About Me

i have graduated from RMIT Melbourne, Australia. For the past 20 years i have worked for many major corporations such as TVB Broadcasting Company,Next Magazine digital media and Ming-Poa media group, of all these companies based in Hong Kong. With extensive great experience in digital photography as well as visual designing background, I'm one of the few pioneer talents who setting up web-page in Malaysia, from in charge of  website photography through graphic designing. Currently,i'm a E-commerce contents provider of products and people(Fashion) photography for those in need of photos to maximize their Online business  .....


Min-Che, Choong


Live in:--

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.




Academic background:--

         a)1985~87 graduated Secondary high school from Western Australia International College,Perth,Australia.

         b) 1988~91 graduated from Photography Studies College of Melbourne,Australia.major in commercial photography. 

  c)  1991~94 graduated from R.M.I.T University,Melbourne,Australia with Degree in bachelor of Communication, major in Media.



         a)1989,1990 consecutively two years winning the AGFA-GAVAENT, Australia nation wide best photo of the year.

         b)2004 winning the China Elle Magazine fashion photos competition.


Employment history:--

          a) 1994~95 Photographer of Next magazine, Hong Kong.

          b) 1995~96 Senior photographer of Easy Finder magazine,Next magazine Group,Hong Kong.

          c) 1997~2002 Chief photographer of TVB magazine,TVB Broadcasting Corporation Hong Kong.

          d) 2003~2013 senior photographer of CIS, Corporation Imaging Solution company of                Shanghai,China.

          e) 2013~2016 in house online photographer and designer for website, Malaysia.

          f) 2016~ 2017  senior photographer of Astelier Publication, Petaling Jaya, Selangor,malaysia.

         g) 2018~ Present, Contents provider of products and people(Fashion) photography for Online E commerce......   




Quick glance of minchephoto Video Works

Email:                   Phone:  +60 16-257 3431

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